Nothing is everything- Mom talk!!!!!

My world is just as normal as a regular mom, I do nothing! so is the name of my blog. I have been born and brought up in India and moved to USA 8 yrs ago, after my wedding. I have a 4yr old crazy little cute angel who changed my world. It sounds like a typical Indian girl story who is a millennial. I hold two Master’s degrees in Biology and still do nothing, I am a dreamer and I hope to find a job someday in my field. One day I was getting my daughter ready for her school and she decided to pull my leg and told her dad that “Dad, you go to work! And I go to school and Mom does nothing…!”. Me and my husband laughed at her joke as she was expecting that reaction from both of us! But later it hit my heart so hard and made me think what impression am I leaving in my daughter’s mind? Should I tell her that I work really hard at home cleaning, cooking and doing all the chores or should I explain her that I am looking a for a job and I will try to find it sooner?

I am in dilemma and stayed calm and was trying to think about it. Being jobless in very stressful and sometimes I feel depressed and meretricious. Even with the two degrees in hand I am sitting home? I used to work 2ys ago, but I had to leave my job and follow my husband. That was an easy decision for both of us, but with a huge carrier loss penalty for  me, I knew this would happen, I knew it would be hard for me to find job in my field here. But still why am I depressed and feel agitated when someone say I am jobless. Leave the rest of the world, I really do not owe explanation to anyone but how can make my daughter understand that even if I do not work outside, I work at home?

The best idea is to involve her in the little chores like making dough, cleaning and other errands. She will understand what I do every day. I am still working on it. I will keep you all posted about the improvements. Remember you are what you are, but no one knows who you are until you let them know what you are. 


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