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I'm Deepthi, wife of a lovely person on earth Digvijay (So, the name of the Blog DeepthiDigvijay). 
I started blogging as a hobby, before I joined my Master's. But, now it became part of my life. I feel very happy and blessed when people talk about my blog and recipes. Cooking is like magic, you can impress anyone by making a wonderful dish. This trick really works, let me tell you a practical example: when we both had a small fight few days after our marriage, and we both stopped talking to each other, later I made a Chicken Biryani (My hubby's favorite) that evening and you can guess the rest of the story!!! Who could stop the yummy flavors passing by my hubby. He came and spoke with me first and then, I said I'll give you Biryani if you say sorry (Just for fun!), and he immediately did. My buddhu hubby (lol) I really didn't need sorry, I just want to talk to him. Food is not only the good trick to please somebody, but also it helps in building the relations and makes you remember someone. I remember my mother or grandmother when I prepare the recipe that I learnt from them. Even today after using the same ingredients and cooking process as my mother does, I could not find the magic taste in my dish compared to her dish, the difference is not about how you cook, it's all about how u serve. Yes, my mother's love make the difference. 

 I know everyone has their own story related to food. Always, have limits on what you eat because "You are what you eat". I love experimenting while I cook, but I always taste my recipes adjust the taste and serve my hubby. I'll keep posting my recipes everyday! you can find recipes from all over the world on my blog.

You might be wondering how my blog differs from thousands of other food blogs., I have an answer for that, I post Quick recipes that are useful for the students, working people, baby food to the party recipes. You can find wide variety of recipes from all over the world. All these recipes are simple and you can prepare them at home just like I do. I also posted some tips and tricks while making certain recipes. Apart from this I make most of my recipes with olive oil (I feel, it is little healthy compared to other oil's) and try mostly to avoid deep fries and find some healthy alternatives for it. 

And if you want to know more about me apart from Blogging my hobbies include craft, painting, gardening and photography. Presently I am doing Masters in Biology. I remember all the things I have learned from the teachings and experiences of my Mother and Father, and I love to remember them and apply them till my life ends. My mother is a very good cook. From my childhood, I used to learn many different kinds of recipes from her, I'm presenting u the best among them. Hope u all like them!

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